Toy bag

Original Toy Storage Bag from Slovakia

Juicy Monsters is a brand of useful and playful toy bags of high quality.

  • High quality without a compromise

We import high-quality fabric from the Czech Republic. We print it with original designs using sublimation technology (sealing the image into a fabric), which guarantees the coloring even when used in the exteriors or machine washing. The bag features thoughtful details such as an inner zip pocket and a space to label the bag with a child’s own name. It is designed and manufactured in Slovakia, protected by registration.

  • Unique shape and material

The bag is easy to use, store and carry, it also serves as a portable kids’ corner area. Thanks to a simple opening into a high-waist circle, the child sees everything important without having to drain contents. Shape and material (100% PES with polyurethane coating) allow versatile use at home, outdoors and in water. Easy handling, simple cleaning.

  • Practicality and versatility

A Juicy Monsters bag is a playmat, storage solution (not only) for toys, travel bag and a backpack - all in one product. We do not offer prints for boys and girls, we want to reach out to both sexes with every design. Quality and multi-purpose functionality assume its wide use for many years - the toy is made to "grow with the child".

  • It’s not all just play

The bags are designed to develop creativity in children and to promote playing, self-sufficiency sense of tidiness and responsibility. Our commitment to educating responsible and independent children involved in domestic chores is part of the concept.

Juicy Monsters bag. Toys finally sorted out. Anywhere. Everywhere.

The toybag is ideal in many situations. It is easy to use, effective, cheerful and colourful. Easy to carry and appeals to all regardless of age or gender.

For babies

  • The toybag is an ideal storage solution for baby toys. The shape ensures that babies and toddlers can easily see the contents of the toybag.
  • All toys in the toybag are on the same level, easy to reach so that babies can choose what interests them by themselves. The toybag promotes independence and confidence. Babies and toddlers are also able to return the toy to its place, so they can naturally learn how to maintain order.
  • HThe toybag remains safe even when the child starts raising itself up and walking – in case it falls or topples over the toybag, it won’t get hurt as if it would have done in case of a classic toybox.

As a storage box

  • No child will dispute that the toys belong in the toybag. Tidying up can be also fun: you’re throwing the toys into the monster’s mouth. May it be dolls, blocks, cars or stuffed toys, the Juicy Monsters will gladly keep the treasures of your little ones safe.
  • The colourful monsters hanging together on the hook placed so that the child can reach it will brighten up any kids’ room and bring order to everyday chaos.
  • The toybag is a great kids’ room hamper or storage for fresh socks or PJ’s.
  • Full toybag looks good no matter where it is: hanging, on the ground or on the shelf.

As a playmat

  • Don’t waste your time by preparing anything: just open the toybag and play. Its clever design and raised edges will ensure easy tidying up.
  • Nevermind the toys belong to kids’ room. If your children want to play in the living room, bedroom or at your neighbor’s house, all they have to do is to bring their toybag along. Easy and handy.

For travelling

  • Long travel won’t be a nightmare with LEGO® or LEGO DUPLO® bricks in your toybag. You can take it to airplane, car, train, etc. – wherever you’ll be, you just have to open the toybag and let your fantasy take over.
  • Toys, clothes and other things can be packed into the toybag easier than to a bag or a backpack and even a two-year-old, even younger child, can do it – all you need is a bit of patience. Let your children pack and unpack by themselves, it will boost their confidence.
  • Small toy bag is also a handy backpack for travels; just make sure not to pack it to the full so that the cords won’t pull too much. The large toy bag is a nifty bag.

For when there are water and sand around

  • LEGO® bricks at the beach? Why not, it’s no problem with a toy bag.
  • Let your child pack their buckets, shovels and other important things to take to the sandbox. You can shake the sand out easily from the toy bag after you return home. If it’s dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine.
  • Waterproof toy bag is great for storing wet swimsuits and towels or to keep your things dry, even with children splashing around.

As a great present

  • Be creative and wrap your present in an original way: LEGO bricks, doll or a book wrapped inside a toybag is neat, lovely and ecological. It also means twice the joy.
  • Are you unsure what the child you’re supposed to give gift to likes? The toybag is a great choice in that case, as the child will put into it whatever it wants. If you still want to put something extra inside, gummy-bears are a safe bet.
  • Are you going to visit a newborn baby and its mum? Fill the toybag with nappies, socks or clothes and rubber teething toy and voilà!, you’ve got an original gift basket!

For nursery, school or training session

  • For slippers, crayons or football jersey – for any occasion where easy and fast packing is a must. An even if the things inside are dirty or wet, it’s no problem for the waterproof and machine washable toybag.
Other uses
  • To store away knitting: a great gift for mothers and grandmothers. The yarn will never wander away from a fastened toybag.
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