About us

We are parents of three children.

Order in toys was a necessity.

Stepping on a stray LEGO brick was our common, painful experience, especially at night. And so we've been looking for a way to protect parents’ feet, while not hindering children in the game; how to simplify cleaning and storage of toys. Something that is both handsome and practical at the same time, which will promote creativity, independence and orderliness, which will be attractive to both small and large boys and girls.

We didn’t find anything like it, so we came up with the Juicy Monsters Toy Storage Bag.

As we like pretty-looking things, we decided to create not only practical but also original accessories for children's rooms. The bags are not sewn from ordinary fabrics. Each one of our bags has an original print and, thanks to the sublimation print, also beautiful and bright colours that last.
As we travel with our kids a lot, we wanted a product that will be both a bag and a backpack; something multi-purpose, sturdy and durable.
A product suitable for our 9-year-old boy and to be used by our youngest daughter, barely one, at the same time. Fortunately, we have very quickly found wonderful and experienced people from Tuli, who helped us with the production of the first bag and every single bag afterwards.

Our bags are made with love in Slovakia.
There is a piece of us in every bag.

Marina & Peter 
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